Some Secret Tricks which you didn’t know exist in Apple iPhones and iPad Pro with FaceID

Apple introduced iPhone X as a first Apple’s device with FaceID and now new iPad Pro comes with it too. we had to sacrifice the Home button though. A lot of users were not sure if it would be a good experience to use the iPhone without the home button. I had the same concerns when I bought the iPhone X. Soon after couple of days I realised I don’t even remember that there was a home button ever existed. It was actually so smooth experience of using swipe gestures that you don’t actually miss the Home Button.

Recently, I bought the new #iPad Pro 12.9″ with FaceID and found it as a same great experience as the #iPhoneX. I would like to share some of the tips you can do while using Apple devices without home button.

What a Swipe up Bar can do?

Whenever you are in an app, there is constantly a black line on the bottom of the screen. At the same position where there used to be a home button before.

Mostly you use this bar to swipe up and go back to the home screen. There are couple of more things you can do with this bar.

Swipe up, Hold and release

If you swipe up , hold for a sec and release it will take you to the opened Apps cards. You can use this to switch to any other app or you can swipe up the App card to close it.

Swipe right or Swipe left

Another useful tip which you would probably not know is to swipe right or left. While in any app, put your finger or thumb on the black bar at the bottom and quickly slide it to the left to switch over to the next opened app and right to go back to the previous app.

This feature is very helpful and handy if you are working on two different apps.

You can always change to the last opened App by swiping to the left

Turn your Keyboard to a Touchpad

While working on a on-screen keyboard, you can move the cursor backwards or forward with this quick tip

3D Touch(force touch) the Keyboard and you will notice that the keys will disappear. Without releasing move your finger in the direction you want the cursor to be.

It is very useful if want to fix some spelling mistake or you want to add some text to the line before.

Screen Recording using Control Center

Apple introduced the Control Centre feature back in iOS 7 release. The control center is used to access most useful applications which were before hidden somewhere in the settings App.

The control center is somehow customisable. Apple has not given Control Center Access to the third party developer though. The Control Center appears after swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

Other than having flight mode, Brightness adjustment, Volume Control etc. You can also add some other useful features. One of them is “Screen Recording”. This feature is not included in the control Center by default.

To add Screen Recording to the Control Center, Go to the Settings -> Control Center -> Customise Controls, Scroll Down and press the + Sign in front to the Screen Recording Option.

Now you can access the Screen Recording feature from the Control Center. Swipe down from the top right corner to get to the Control Center and you will see a dot with a circle around.

Screen Recording will record all the steps you perform on this screen. When Screen Recording is running you will see a red blinking bar on the top left of the screen.

Swipe down on the top right of the screen and stop the recording. All recordings are saved in the Photos App.

How to close all tabs in iOS Safari Browser

In Safari you can open multiple tabs and they can be accessed easily by scrolling down a bit and you will see options bar appears in the bottom of the screen.

On iPhone it appears in the right corner of the bar, touch the “stacked windows style” icon. All opened pages will appear in stacked thumbnail style. You can press any tab and it will be reloaded and by pressing the cross sign individual tabs can be closed.

Apple has done a great job in managing the open tabs and these tabs don’t effect the performance or battery consumption of your iOS devices. So you can keep as many tabs open as you want without having any effect on the performance and power consumption.

But if you want to clear the clutter and don’t like so many tabs opened, there is quick way.

Press “stacked windows” style icon, the tabs thumbnail will open.

Long press on Done and two options will appear on the screen

close all tabs</font


Touch close all tabs, all the tabs will be closed. You can start now with a fresh browser.

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