Resolved: The new iPad Pro(without home button) is hanged and not shutting down

The new iPad Pro (no Home Button) was hanged and it was not powering off

Yesterday, while using multitasking feature, I opened my Safari and Drafts. the iPad got stuck and the screen became unresponsive.

Swipe bar was not responding. Volume and lock button were working

Control Center Control and Notification Center were working. But there was not any possibility to swipe up or use any finger gestures to get out of the stuck widows of Safari & Drafts

Amazingly, the Siri was working and I can dictate the commands too. But unfortunately, the Siri was also not able to open any app. I tried opening Settings App and got the response

Siri Response: I can not open the settings app, Apologies.

It was frustrating. Even holding the lock and volume button for many seconds was not doing anything.

Thanks to apple that the new iPad has a USB-C port and can be connected to an external display. I used the USB-C to DisplayPort cable to connect my iPad because my display only supports HDMI and Display Port.

As soon as the iPad connected to an external display the apps which were holding my iPad screen, crashed and iPad went back to normal.

If nothing works, connecting an iPad to an external display can be a solution. I would be happy to have your feedback if it worked or didn’t work for you.

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