getAbstract vs Blinkest – Summaries of non-fiction books

GetAbstract or Blinkist which one to choose?

#GetAbstract and #Blinkist are the applications providing summaries of the famous books from the popular writers. The summaries include text and audio too. Both Blinkist and GetAbstract give insights of non-fiction books only.


Blinkist is one of the best platform to have the brief summaries of the popular books. The insights of the books are limited to 15 minutes. They have web-based as well support for all other mobile platforms too like iOS and android platforms

Google Store


getAbstract is the similar application providing summaries of the books. Unlike Blinkist, getAbstract gives 10 minutes read. The getAbstract is focusing more on the business related titles. They are also focusing on corporate membership services.

Audio Playlists

Audio playlist is a very useful feature when reading a book is not possible.


One of the best feature of the Blinkist is that all titles are available in bitesize audio and text, perfect for quick knowledge hits when you’re on the go.

The best experience of listening books.

Audio is divided into chapters called Blinks. Every blink covers a unique insight of the book.

Blinkest shows text and audio summaries in one list. Filters can be used to show different status of the books

Blinkist Library


Not every book has the audio file. But getAbstract also supports the playlist option if the book has the audio.

getAbstract unlike blinkest has separate section for audio playlist.

getAbstract Playlists

Blinkist: 25,000+ Books

getAbstract: 18,000+ Books

Enjoy Offline Reading and Listening

The possibility to download the titles is a great feature. You can read or listen to the books while in a plane or the places where data is not available.

Blinkist and getAbstract both have the download option

Kindle Support


Kindle support is also available. Link your amazon account by going to Blinkist website or through the App directly.


getAbstract has kindle support. Setting up Kindle account is bit complicated though. It can not be done through app, you need to do it through the browser.


Podcast by Blinkist – Simplify

A podcast from Blinkest guys is a worth listening. It contains interviews with the authors, Book recommendation, overview of the new books and much more. Give it a go you will love it.

Simplify PodcastSimplify – Blinkist Podcast


I haven’t heard of any such thing from getAbstract so far. It would be good if they have some free podcast also available.

Price Plans

Both getAbstract and Blinkist are giving a variety of subscription plans from individuals to enterprises


Blinkist give Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly subscription options. You save more if you subscribe for an year though.

Blinkist – $69.99 yearly Subscription

7 Days Free Trial and you can get one selected book for free even if you don’t subscribe

Blinkist SubscriptionBlinkist price plans


Unlike Blinkist, getAbstract offers an yearly plans only. There is an option to have a starter and pro plan. They also have options for team and enterprises

getAbstract – $99 yearly subscription

3 Days Free Trial only

getAbstract SubscriptionsgetAbstract Price Plans


Both the services are providing quite good content and options. It is very difficult to say which one is better than other. But in my personal preference I found Blinkist more user friendly and the content is explained in a more simplified way.

For Personal use Blinkist is quite useful and contains more content. For business professionals, getAbstract contains variety of content focusing on business related topics and trends

Your opinion may differ and I would highly appreciate your opinion. Please share your thought in the comment section below

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