How to Export Photos from Apple Photos App


Photos App MacBook Pro
Apple Photos stores all the Photos at one place. There is a great search feature in the App. You can search photos by name, by the date and many more. It’s a great app to keep your photos and you can share photos on all your devices using iCloud.

Check out here if you want to know more about Apple Photos

  • But What if you are moving to the platform other than Apple,for instance, Microsoft Windows?
  • You may also want to have a backup which is not dependent on any specific app.
  • You could be thinking to export your photos to Lightroom

There is a quick way to take out .JPG format of your photos from Apple Photos Library

Get the Content out of Photos App

Step 1

Open Photos App, Go to Photos and then Preferences

Open the Photos App. Go to Photos and then Preferences.

Here you will see the location of your photos Library. It may be different for you. But it doesn’t matter, where ever is your photos library will be shown here.

Step 2

you can just click the Photos Library icon or click the Show in Finder button. In both ways, the Finder window will open.

Here we go, you will see the Photos Library file in the finder.

Step 3

Right click and choose the option Show Package Contents Look for the folder called Masters

Step 4

Double click on the Masters Folder. Here you will see all your photos are structured the following way

  • By Years
    • By Month
      • By Date

Finally, you will see your photos in .JPG Format.

Step 5

You can copy the Masters Folder to another location in your computer or on an external HDD. Now all your photos are in jpg format and can be used at any platform.

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Check out the Video

If you want see how to do it. Check out the video I made on YouTube.

How to export all your Photos from Apple Photos App

Export Photos from Apple Photos App on Mac

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