5 Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts you must know

Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the best operating system Microsoft has ever released. It is more stable, fast and reliable as compared to their previous OS releases. Finally, Microsoft has added some features to Windows 10 OS which mac users were enjoying for many years.

The search feature in Windows 10 has significantly improved but still needs more improvement. Multiple desktops option is also an improvement. Moreover, Microsoft Power Shell is redesigned and can be a very useful tool for automation task.

Let’s talk about five useful keyboard shortcuts which can make you more productive and efficient during your work and personal life.

1- Search Windows

As mentioned, the search in Windows 10 is improved a lot and now it is possible to search the whole computer almost. I said almost because sometimes it doesn’t give you the results what you are looking for. But in principal it does a great job. Next to the Windows start button now you see a search button. Once clicked you get an option to type first few letters of the file or application you are looking for.

But there is nice keyboard shortcut to do that job without moving your hand from the keyboard. This is how you can do it

​​ Press ⊞ W i n Key on the keyboard and type the search phrase

2- Switch Desktops

Windows 10 has added a very useful feature of having multiple desktops. Each desktop is like an independent workspace where you can open different programs and apps. The problem is to switch the desktops you need to press few clicks and it becomes cumbersome to do this if you have to switch the desktops more often. This is the reason many users do not use this feature.

But if you know the keyboard shortcut, this become extremely easy to use this feature.

​​Ctrl​ + ​​⊞Win​ ​ + left arrow

3- Switch to the Task View

Task view is a quick way to switch the apps. Additionally it gives you an almost a weekly overview of the apps opened before. ​​ ​​

⊞Win​ ​+ tab

Task View Windows 10

4- Lock when you go

Security these is the most important part of your work. It is always a good practise to lock your user before you leave your workstation. I would recommend to lock even if you are just going to grab a water bottle from the fridge. There is a very nice keyboard shortcut to do that and it won’t take second to do that.

Just use the following shortcut

​⊞Win​ ​+ L

5- Switch between Apps

If you have lot of apps opened and you want to open another app and it is quite difficult task if you want to do it using mouse. The quickest way is to use the keyboard shortcut.

alt + tab

App Switcher View

Once you are used to, working with keyboard Shortcuts you will find it really efficient and useful way. It will make you more productive and you can also impress your colleagues and fellow students by showing your professional skills. For more shortcuts, you can check out the Microsoft website.


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