6 must have Apps to get things done and be productive

1- OmniFocus – Personal Task Manager


OmniFocus is a powerful task manager to get things done in an efficient and professional way. Add the tasks you plan to do in next days as Actions.

Group actions into Projects to organise the way you think about doing things. Projects help to organise tasks in a systematic way.

Review gives a quick overview of all the projects and indication of tasks overdue under each project.

Forecast is a feature I use everyday. It gives the view of pending tasks and the upcoming tasks in a weekly view.

Got an idea on the go…. Ask Siri to create an action in the OmniFocus

Found something interesting you would like to do at a later stage….. Send the info in the email directly to OmniFocus Action using Apple Share Sheet.

Calendar integration, Siri support, cloud syncing are features make OmniFocus an integral part of your daily activities.

14 day trial is available. There are two options available to buy. Standard and Pro Versions

Get it on AppStore

2- Agenda – Elegant Note Taking App


Agenda is a note taking app for both planning and documenting projects. It is a date focused app. Agenda is very well organised and easy to view the details of your notes.

It has very powerful search feature. It gives an ability to use Markdown , a powerful way to write notes

The notes can have attachments, beautiful tags, photos and much more. Notes are organised under Projects. This makes Agenda app very useful application to see the complete activity of one project at one place.

You can even search in the Projects.

Projects can be grouped under Categories

The people from Agenda are very active making this app even more better. A lot of new features added in the last months.

Available Free on the AppStore. Free Version is absolutely good . In App Purchase adds some new cool features like better calendar integration etc.

Free on AppStore

3- Apple Notes App

#Apple #Notes

Notes app from Apple comes by default with all Apple products. The Notes app has changed quite a lot in the last few years. Apple has added quite useful features to make this app a better useable app.

Scan Documents One of the best feature of the Notes app is that you can scan the document using camera and add it directly to the notes.

Notes auto detect the dimensions of the document and scan it like a real scanner

Weblinks are added as thumbnails. Clicking the link takes you directly to the webpage.

Add Handwritten notes anywhere within the note along with typed text and Weblinks.

Annotation is not possible in Apple Notes App so far

Possibility of adding tables, Photos etc make notes app a single place to add your notes

Tapping the Apple Pencil on the Screen will open the Notes App, even when the iPad is Locked

I am still waiting for the Markdown support in the notes app though. Let’s hope Apple adds this in the next version of #iOS


4- Fantastical 2 – Calendar and Reminder App

#Fantastical2 #Calendar #Reminder

Fantastical 2 is one of the best calendar app. A Fast and flexible calendar app for #iOS and #macOS

Use natural language to add events to the calendar. Fantastical 2 fully integrates with Apple Calendar so you can also use Siri to add events.

Day ticker is a beautiful options to see the day view of the events.

Swipe down with your finger on the Calendar and the view will switch from the Calendar View to the Day Ticker View

Search functionality enables the user to search the events in the Calendars

Today Widget is a beautifully designed feature in Fantastical 2. It gives a quick view of the upcoming events in the Today View of #iPhone and #iPad

Fantastical 2 also uses 3D Touch to peak into the event without opening the event.

Unfortunately you have to pay separately for iPhone and iPad.One purchase will not work on iPad and iPhone.

Get it on AppStore

$4.99 for iPhone

$9.99 for iPad

5- Notability – Best Note Taking App

#notability #Pencil

Notability is one of the best notes app I have ever used. It has full support for new Apple Pencil. On the new iPad Pro with new Apple Pencil it works perfectly.

Support for cloud services like #DropBox and #GoogleDrive let notability to import files from these services in pdf.

Annotation support for PDF and Photos imported into the notability

Use Annotation to fill in the form or sign the documents

Export Typed or handwritten notes in PDF to iCloud or other cloud services like DropBox .

Organise notes into categories as per your needs. If you are in Sketch notes, don’t look any further —— notability is the best option available

Bookmark important pages in the notes for a quick access

Notability on the AppStore $9.99

6- iAWriter – Focused Writing App

#iAWriter #Blog

iAWriter gives you a distraction free environment for your writing. It supports Markdown format.

Preview option can be used to see how your article will look on the web.

Syntax highlighting displays adjective, verbs, nouns and conjunctions in different colours.

Built in WordPress support. Write in iA Writer, Link your WordPress Blog and send to WordPress directly from iA Writer app. It’s that easy.

  • Enhanced support for keyboard shortcuts makes your writing smooth and faster.
  • Support of light and dark mode.
  • Use inline images in your article. Only iCloud Drive is supported.
  • A must have app for bloggers and writers and the one who loves writing in a clean and focused environment
  • It is delightful to use

Available on AppStore $8.99

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